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Capabilities and Core Competencies

Negotiations Training
Strategic Communications and Intercultural Dispute Resolution
Regional and International Conflict Dynamics

CMS  provides negotiations instruction, training and mentoring to military and civilian clients:

  • We will help your team develop specific skills/competencies for negotiating under different circumstances in domestic, global and intercultural settings. 

  • We train your team to understand the relationship between conflict, decision-making and negotiation and apply strategies for addressing challenging negotiating situations.


Law Enforcement and Sector Specific Training


CMS provides training to local law enforcement, child protective services, and other agencies regarding:

  •  Detection and investigation of human trafficking and related cases

  • Crisis Negotiations





CMS trains your teams on the fundamentals of behavior and communication:
  • Cross-cultural concepts of status, leadership, and organization
  • Verbal and Non Verbal Strategies as well as Strategies for Recognizing and Manipulating non-verbal communications in a cross cultural environment

  • Elicitation and counter elicitation techniques in a cross cultural environment

  • Conflict Management and Constructive Confrontation

  • Mediations and Mediation Training in all domestic and international settings.

Language and Culture Training

CMS can provide your Teams with:

  • French and Arabic Immersion Language and Cultural Instruction - MENA Region specific

  • MENA Regional Expertise

  • Situational Awareness Training Exercises

  • Survivial/Familiarization Training 

  • OPI/DLPT Training

  • Role Playing Exercises in Target Language

  • Oral and Written Interpretation

  • Translations and Interpretation



CMS provides instruction on Regional Political and Civil-Military Dynamics in the Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, Central and South Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. Instruction will be given on the following elements:

  • Regional Security Agreements

  • Relevant Area Studies (State-Civil Society Relations)

  • Socio-Economic Development

  • Regime Transitions, Regime Type

  • Civil –Military Relations

  • Insurgency Groups

  • In-Country Training and Workshops


Intelligence Analysis


CMS provides instruction in intellingence including:

  • Terrorist/ Insurgency groups and modus operandi

  • Counterterrorism operations at the Federal, State and Local government levels

  • National and tactical intelligence activities

  • Transportation Security



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